Dream Home Needs Assessment
From experience, our agency knows forced choices do not do justice to your needs. In your own words, what is on your mind, and what makes your dream home search unique. Take your time. Answer the questions outlined below, and once submitted, I will search for a home that meets your expectations. My goal is to become the Realtor you trust and refer your family and friends to and who you come to see when it is time to find your new dream home.
Have you spoken with a lender or been pre-approved for a loan?
Yes   No  
What price range are you looking for? &
How many bedrooms?
How many bathrooms?
What area or community are you most interested in?
How close to work would you like to be?
Place of employment:
What are the 3 most important features for your dream home?
What do you want that is different from your current home?
What do you like about your current home that you want in your dream home?
How important is a school district when choosing your home?
What has prompted you to look for a new dream home?
Do you have a date in mind for when you want to move?
Do you want a dining room and a kitchen eating area?
Yes   No
Do you want a den and a formal living room?
Yes   No
Are there specific features your dream home has to have? (please list)
What percentage down payment are you going to use? %
How many homes have you purchased?
What other things would you like me to know before I start the search for your dream home?